Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public about the health and environmental hazards of un-natural and toxic electric fields, magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. This is to enable individuals to protect themselves from detrimental technologies while advocating for the use of safer ones.


A group of five citizens formed Safe Technology Minnesota in October of 2012, as a fiscally-sponsored project of Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, a 501c(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. Our non-profit project grew out of a campaign in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2011 to educate the public about the dangers of electromagnetic field pollution associated coming from the smart" water meters that the St Paul Water District was installing. We were able to secure from St. Paul Regional Water Services an option to have a new, but completely safe water meter installed, one that does not send out its readings through the air using microwave radiation. Since then a number of other cities and towns such as Edina, Stillwater, West St Paul, and Minneapolis have provided for an "opt-out" choice of a water meter that is new but that does not emit an microwave radiation; it merely sends out its readings through a wire to a "touch pad" on the outside of the house, that is read every month or evey quarter by a person, a meter reader, who stops by and gets the reading.

We oppose the use of electric and gas "smart" meters also, and urge that customers reject the installation of all such smart meters, and instead stay with an old style "analogue" meter, even if it is a new meter. In the event that any type of smart meter - electric, gas or water - is installed in a home we advocate for shielding of the occupants from the radiation and also the reduction of "dirty electricity" from the wiring in the affected home, because that too can cause health problems. All wireless technologies produce undesirable, toxic EMF exposures and that includes Wi-Fi, cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers and "smart" refrigerators and other such "smart" appliances, which are not safe at all because they unwisely expose us to toxic microwave radiation.  In addition to helping to to make wiser consumer choices and avoid the wireless devices (embracing the wired alternatives), we urge that the consumer also make use of personal shielding devices when and where necessary, such as smart meter shields, shielding shirts, underwear, caps, and other such clothing, and shielding paint. We also recommend the use of test meters to test for the strength or intensity of the fields that we are being exposed to and the test meters that are most used these days are the RF (radio frequency) meters that tell us how strongly we are being exposed to microwaves and other RF radiation, as would be coming from cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and other such wireless devices that typically give us a bad exposure to microwave radiation.

Today, a new, very dangerous wireless threat to our health and safety is emerging: 5G, the newest, much touted version of cell phone and Wi-Fi (they are now being combined) technology. While the big ugly cell towers and roof top antennas have been problematic for years, now the 5G buildout is slated to bring us "small cell" antennas that are, yes, smaller and less noticeable, but that will be a hundred times more numerous, and will be placed densely - several on each block in every neiborhood of every town and city. We urge all citizens to join with us in fighting this looming threat to our health, our privacy and our very survival in some cases.
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