5G and small cell antennas

Stop 5G, the small cell buildout. As we head into year 2019,small cells antennas are being built on light poles and antenna poles in many locations around the Twin Cities as a key part of the 5G (5th generation) of cell antenna infrastructure. These 5G small cells will be smaller and less noticeable that the larger 4G cell towers that we have had, but the 5G small cell antennas will be more ever-present, as the need to be more densely built in in cities and towns in order to reach every home and business building. At the higher carrier frequency that they will eventually operate, they will be built at a density of two or more per block, more at tree height, to reach into homes and give us there, the "internet of things (IoT)." The grand new object of IoT is to not just have every person be on the internet but, even, every thing: the refrigerator, the air conditioner, the dishwasher, the home security system, and even the baby's diaper (notify the smart phone user when the diaper is poopy).  In actuality, the world of 5G and IOT will pose a menace to our health, and a steep invasion of our privacy, especially of those to install it in their houses. Health will suffer because the pulsed, modulated microwaves carrying the 5G in a home, an office or an institution, will make our living spaces a beehive of ever higher intensities of harmful microwave radiation. Privacy and security will suffer because the the revenue-generating scheme behind the IoT is to gather data about every device and object in our house that is on the internet and then to sell it to companies that will then know how and when and to whom to market their products to.
We recommend that consumers "just say no" to this planned invasion of our privacy and assault on our
Minnesota's US Senator Amy Klobuchar sits on the US Senate's Commerce Committee that overlooks the Federal Communications Committee.  The FCC has been a chief proponent of the wireless industry's development and, now, it is a chief advocate for its leap into  5G and IoT. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is leading the opposition of the the 5G, IOT, and he has challenged the FCC to produce a single scientific study showing the 5G, IoT is safe. Of course, we know that 5G IoT is not safe and there are no studies assuring us of its safety. We Minnesota citizens should contact Senator Klobuchar and tell her to support Blumenthal in challenging the rush to 5G. Senate Bill S-3157 should be tabled or defeated, as it would grease the way for 5G buildout in all parts of the country, riding roughshod over all state and local opposition to question the approval of 5G.

Meanwhile, let us all protect ourselves from all of the wireless technologies by using land line phone, wired (not Wi-Fi internet connections, wired printers, keyboards and mouses for our computer systems, Starve the beast; stay wired.
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