Why are Man-made Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) Hazardous?

As human beings, we are electrical systems. Our earth, sun and the cosmos radiate electromagnetic fields and all living things have evolved to accommodate them. But in the last 100 years, man has produced unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMF's) with a wide range of electronic devices. Studies have shown that exposure to these man-made fields are often quite detrimental; they have unusual intensities and their artificial nature can impede the cellular communication found in living organisms. Man-made electromagnetic fields are known to suppress the immune system, Many public health experts are greatly concerned about the long-term damage that our increasing exposures to EMF pollution sources such as cell phones, cell antennas, Wi-Fi, smart meters and, now, 5G small cell antennas are producing.
The problem is, man-made electromagnetic exposures aren't 'normal.' They are artificial and produce harmful effects on plants, animals and humans, none of which have been evolved to live with with these influences on our biology; they disrupt and misdirect cell and organ function in myriad ways. Radiofrequency radiation (RF)-the part of the electromagnetic spectrum used in all-things-wireless today--have adverse biological effects such as headaches, diziness, fatigue, nausea, insomnia, memory loss, tinnitus, irritability & difficulty concentrating. Based on the existing science, many public health experts say that we are experiencing an epidemic of EMF-produced illness in the future resulting from increased exposure to Wi-Fi and other wireless devices. The fact that most of the microwave radiation is pulsed and modulated (i.e. modified so as to carry the information that is being communicated) greatly increases the biological harm that the microwaves are causing, compared to what would be cause by EMF radiation that is not pulsed or modulated.
Ambient man-made electromgnetic fields (EMFs), across a range of frequencies, are causing serious health and environmental issues. All living cells and indeed whole living beings are coherent electrical systems utterly reliant on bioelectricity for life's most basic metabolic processes. Most living things are quite sensitive to small EMF signalas. Living cells sense the strange, foreign EMF exposures, looking for them as being part of their normal cellular activities and thereby becoming very confused and disrupted.
EHS (Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity) is caused by real, physical changes and NOT just psychological stress.
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Instead of using wireless devices, choose ones that are wired instead. For example, use a corded, "land line" telephone.  Instead of using Wi-Fi, use a wired internet connection that , for example brings in the internet through your land line, into a router and brings the internet connection from your router and into your desktop computer. Use a wired mouse, a wired keyboard and a computer printer that connects through USB cables to your computer. Make sure that your computer and printer either do not have a wireless capability or, if they do, that the wireless feature can be turned off!! Use a test meter to double-check the promises made by a sales person, to verify whether your truly safe, as was promised, or are being blasted by microwave radiation without realizing it. Computer companies telephone companies are usually not very pro-active in telling the customer about the wired options and how to ask for the wired options, so you have to be aggressive, know what you want, and ask plenty of questions.  

If you have been forced to have a smart meter by, say, Xcel Energy, get a smart meter shield, as from SmartMeterGuard.com. 

If you are in a place where you are receiving Wi-Fi, be sure and do not use it. Using Wi-Fi by connecting to it with your own computer will cause your computer to harm you more, because your body is closest to your own computer. If you a near a 5G, small cell antenna, be sure and do not use that technology.  The 5G will harm those who have 5G phones that use it and who bring it into their homes. Oppose the installation of OTARD receivers from being installed on all residences and buildings in your neighborhood.
Some simple advice to lessen the adverse effects of EMF pollution.   Or to protect against cell phone radiation specifically.

EMF shielding and protection products are available from such sources as the following:
Know safer alternatives to wireless communication