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Websites focusing on the effects of Wi-Fi and other EMFs on children
"Saying Good-Bye to WiFi: A Waldorf School Takes a Precautionary Step", Waldorf Renewal Magazine, June 2014.
Risks to Baby's Brain Development from Wireless Radiation, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, June 11, 2014.
Summary of August 2013 panel of experts reporting on WiFi/Cell Phone Damage to Children, Fetuses & Fertility.
iPads: How Safe Are Our Children?
"Oh my...what's in WiFi?  Tri-City, MI second grader's science fair project.
18-minute video explores the dangers of WiFi to our children at school.
Canadian website, Citizens for Safe Technology, chock-full of good info

Note: excellent 31-page powerpoint entitled Electromagnetic Radiation & Health.

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