SMART Meter Opt-Outs

In some cities and suburbs we have successfully advocated for smart meter water meter opt-outs.

In 2011, citizen activist s concerned about the adverse health effects of "smart" water meters being installed by the St. Paul Regional Water Services, gained the right to a non-radiating water meter in homes. A key to this success was private meetings with St Paul city council members explaining the health hazards of a source of microwave radiation in the home.

We attended meetings of the Board of Water Commissioners & made a video presentation as well as providing citizen testimony from homeowners suffering damaging health effects to themselves and even their pets after smart meters had been installed. In October 2011, the St. Paul City Council officially approved giving St. Paul residents an option to have a non-EMF-polluting water meter in October 2011.

The St Paul Water District followed their lead, and "opt-out" for the entire St Paul Water District was approved. See press coverage.
Inspired by that success, similar rights to opt-out were approved by citizen efforts in West St Paul, Edina, Stillwater and elsewhere.
If you want to launch a similar campaign and wish to gain some tips based on our experience, feel free to contact Safe Technology Minnesota at (651) 644-4572.
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