IN THE CITY OF ST. PAUL, a group of citizens concerned about the adverse health effects of "smart" water meters being installed by the St. Paul Regional Water Services, gained the right to a non-radio water meter in our homes. We spent many hours educating ourselves about EMF pollution & in turn, educating our City Councilmembers.
We attended meetings of the Board of Water Commissioners & made a video presentation as well as providing citizen testimony from homeowners suffering damaging health effects to themselves and even their pets after smart meters had been installed. For Board of Water Commisioners public hearing.
The St. Paul City Council officially granted St. Paul residents an option to have a non-EMF-polluting water meter in October 2011. See press coverage.
If you want to launch a similar campaign & would like to learn from our experience, please feel free to contact Safe Technology Minnesota at (651) 644-4572.
IN EDINA, MN -- 2/13/13 -- Edina Public Works offers Opt-Out Touch-Pad system -- Sun Current.  See also enlightening Op-Ed's (be sure you read Blog Responses.)
IN STILLWATER, MN -- 11/14/13 -- Water board offers Stillwater residents options -- Stillwater Gazette & Pioneer Press
From the Environmental Working Group (EWG):
Would you use a cell phone made in 1996? No? So why is the Federal Communications Commission using cell phone radiation standards set in 1996?
The FCC is accepting public comments on its cell phone radiation standards. Make sure the FCC knows this is the time to strengthen its standards, not weaken them!
Send a message to key politicians requesting that they PROVE that wireless technologies are safe!
    Members of Safe Technology Minnesota have been interacting with school boards in Edina & St. Paul, MN with the goal of educating the school board members about the adverse health effects of WiFi on children & school employees.
    Our group was advised by St. Paul School Board member, Anne Carroll, to contact Ivar Nelson, St. Paul Public Schools Director of Information Technology & Jeff Connell, Environmental Services Manager, Facilities Department of SPPS.  We have met with both of them & as a follow-up, emailed numerous information pieces about the dangers of EMF pollution.  Although they expressed their interest & listened, to our knowledge the issue has gone no further.  Mr. Connell & Ms. Carroll have not responded to additional informational updates by email. 
    Despite requests, neither the St. Paul School Board nor the Edina School Board has agreed to have Safe Technology Minnesota make a presentation on the hazards of WiFi to their boards.  
                        HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO!
    We would encourage each of you to request that our non-profit organization, Safe Technology Minnesota, be invited to make a presentation to school board members as well as all interested citizens.
    You can access email addresses as well as phone numbers of St. Paul School Board members at:
    If you are able to secure an interest in a Safe Technology Minnesota presentation, please notify us immediately at (651) 644-4572 & we will make arrangements for this to happen.

In Minneapolis,MN, five parents prevented a cell tower from being attached to the Clara Barton public school.  See details.
Tell YOUR school district officials "No!" WiFi on School Buses is NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN! (Eastern Carver School District Gets Wi-Fi on School Buses)
Know safer alternatives to wireless communication