Wi-Fi In Schools


Members of Safe Technology Minnesota have been interacting with school boards in Edina & St. Paul, MN with the goal of educating the school board members about the adverse health effects of WiFi on children & school employees.

Despite some initial friendly contacts, neither the St. Paul School Board nor the Edina School Board have agreed to have Safe Technology Minnesota make a presentation on the hazards of WiFi. You may prod them along by requesting that a speaker from Safe Technology Minnesota, be invited to make a presentation at a forum for school board members and interested citizens. Alternately we can also come to talk in a more private meeting setting. If you are able to secure an interest in a Safe Technology Minnesota presentation, notify us at (651) 644-4572 and we will arrange for a speaker.

Find email addresses and phone numbers of St. Paul School Board members at:  http://boe.spps.org/home
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